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My make-up kit for long-term travel

I love make-up. I can happily while-away an afternoon strolling around cosmetic counters (my favourites are Content Beauty & Wellbeing in London, Skins Cosmetics in Amsterdam and Shen in New York) and I like nothing more than setting an hour aside to get ready for an evening out.

As a rosacea sufferer, I tend to wear a little bit of make up everyday; a touch of RMS (un) cover up (in either 22 or 33, depending on my tan) and a slick of lip balm when I’m out on the mountain or doing chores around town, and something a bit more full-on (which usually involves a nude eye and a strong lip or vice-versa) when I’m out on the tiles.

Despite my desire to travel light, I don’t like my make-up options to suffer.

I believe having a set of good brushes means I can take less product (because I can do more with it) and I like the product that makes it into my bag to work hard for me, often doubling up (like RMS lip2cheek – I’m currently in love with the shade diabolique – and my RMS eye polish in karma works as an eye shadow, an eye liner and, when mixed with my Ben Nye Marilyn Red, gives me this season’s favourite lip shade!).

Sometimes I find the original packaging too cumbersome to travel with, and so I often decant powders, shadows and cremes into sample-size pots that I have on hand. This allows me to take more variety and less volume (and we all know that a little bit of make-up can go a very long way).

I’m a firm believer that there are no rules when it comes to make-up, and the kit featured below gives me enough variation to play with without weighing me down.

Check out my Polyvore post for a full list of what’s in my make-up bag for my upcoming trip which takes me to Iceland for Christmas, New York for New Year, Park City, Utah to ski January and Fernie, Canada to ski February.

make-up kit for long-term travel
Content Beauty & Wellbeing
14 Bulstrode St, London  W1U 2JG
Skins Cosmetics
Runstraat 11, 1016 GJ Amsterdam
315 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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