Frites in Amsterdam

Frites In Amsterdam
It’s no secret that I like food. Be it a degustation feast in a swanky restaurant or hawker style treats from a street vendor, I’m likely to give it a try (unless it’s the food challenge on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here…then I’m not touching it). I take after my dad on that front. In fact, I had a great idea about setting up another blog, filled with photos of him eating his way around the world…but I digress.

One of my favourite culinary experiences in Amsterdam is strolling along the cobbled grachts or window shopping in a busy straat with a cone of hot chips in hand, mindlessly dunking each one in ‘saus’ before tossing it into my mouth. Eating with my fingers, of course (is there a better way?).

The little ‘frites kiosks’ dotted about the city make me happy. Often they are nothing more than a tiny hatch at the side of the road delivering hot, crispy chips in a paper cone with a dollop of your sauce-of-choice (mine is usually mayo) for next to nothing. They come in three sizes (small, medium, large) and the sauces are listed and varied (from tomato to curry to apple).

These little kiosks are a great lesson in business; do the basics really well and the people will come. The concept is a simple one, but one that still eludes most establishments I frequent (I have just come off of the phone to Bordeaux Quays in Bristol having tried twice to buy vouchers for my god-daughter’s birthday…but that’s another story). Most of the kiosks I visited offered delicious chips with fast yet courteous service and pocket-friendly prices. They rarely deviated from the main focus (chips and sauce), although a few outlets also served cold drinks.

My favourite place is:

Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx
Voetboogstraat 31, Amsterdam
(open around midday – 7pm everyday).

Be warned: there’s usually a long queue, but it goes down quickly.

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