Downsizing In Split

Unpack This Place, Croatia
I’ve just finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever* by Marie Kondo. What a read! It was hugely inspirational, even for a travelling-light-nomad like myself. Soon I was digging through my suitcase, holding each piece of clothing to my chest and asking ‘do you spark joy?’ I am now two t-shirts and a denim jacket down and determined to pack even lighter for my trip to New York later this month.

I’ve also downsized my purse (or wallet to my American friends) and handbag (or purse for the aforementioned buddies) thanks to Marie Kondo and a sales woman in Croatia.

Brett and I recently returned from Split where we had a fabulous four days of down time (more about that soon). One afternoon, I was meandering around the shops (of course) and stumbled upon Koza, a handcrafted leather goods store. I’d wanted to replace my purse for some time (because it was huge and weighed a ton) but could never find something I loved that was affordable. Koza was a dream!

As I look through the shelves there, my head chose a sensible, wallet shaped, multi-compartmented beauty whilst my heart lusted after a simple black sheath-like holder with a bright pink zip. It didn’t have any compartments for separating notes and coins; no special place for cards. It was totally impractical, but I loved it. I then picked up the ‘proper wallet’ and went to pay.

Ivana, the sales woman (who was minimalistic-chic with short hair, a tiny frame and an air of casual control) said “I use something like this for my purse.” She pulled down my simple black number with the pink zip and told me how she easily fits in her money and cards. “What else do you need?” she asked. What else indeed, I smiled in reply. She hit me with a knowing look and started to make a little pink flower to attach to the zip. Sold.

Koza in Split, Croatia

The business woman in me wondered about the sale. The purse I had purchased was 130 kn (about £13) cheaper than the one I was going to buy. However, I was a very happy customer and promised myself a trip back the next day to get a new, micro handbag. A promise that was fulfilled.

Koza in Split, CroatiaSo, now I’m travelling around in my day to day life with a smaller purse, a lighter bag, and a much fuller heart.






Koza in Split, Croatia





Koza – handmade leather bags and sandals
Zadarska 6, Split, Croatia.

Find them on Facebook, on Instagram here and here and on me, somewhere in the world.


*This is an Amazon Affiliate link. That means I get a little commission if you use the link to buy the book. To bypass this, don’t click the link and put “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” into Google or Amazon.

  1. Hi Debbie!
    I am reading the same– but havent finished it yet. Hopefully the place will be “lighter” when you are in New York. Looking forward to more of your adventures!!

    • Hey Mardi, isn’t it a great book?! It took me a while to finish it, I must say but it gets better as it goes on. I was so inspired when I finished. I’m currently back in London and have downsized again. It’s very exciting! Can’t wait to see you when I hit New York in a few weeks. I’ll be staying quite close to you on the Upper West (about 7 blocks up and a few blocks over!) x

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