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Every time I travel I try to refine my packing technique, so that I take less and less. Simplicity is key for me and the lighter I travel the happier I am. I’m getting better at resisting the ‘just in case’ items that get tossed into my bag at the last minute and usually never make it onto my body while travelling.

So, for this 7 week trip to Amsterdam (with a few nights Croatia) I decided to travel with only a carry-on. Nothing more. And I did! Three weeks in and there’s nothing I miss (and getting dressed in the morning is a breeze).

So, how did I do it?

I enlisted the help of Travel Fashion Girl and her fabulous packing lists, tweaking them to fit my own style and taste. I packed things that mix and match, dresses that look great with converse for day and heels for night, and I only packed pieces that I love.

Another great resource for packing light is Polyvore, my virtual wardrobe. I have pretty much all of my clothes on there (which isn’t much now, as I did a HUGE clutter clear before starting my nomadic adventure – but more about that in a future post) and can virtually pack for my next trip while still on my current one.

Unpack This Place
One last resource for packing light is packing cubes…although the jury is still out on this one. They seem to take up a lot of space in a suitcase, but do keep things organised, so there is a pay-off. Many folks cram these little blighters full to bursting which isn’t my plan. I want to pack lighter not just smaller. I’m not sure how useful they are to lightening the packing load, but I like them and will use them again.

Packing light has been the hardest thing to get my head around, but has brought me the greatest joy. Nothing brings me down more than lugging an unnecessarily heavy bag around.

One thing I love about travelling is travelling light. It makes life easy and simplicity is where it’s at!

    • It’s a bit of both, but mostly they are images of my actual clothes. You can ‘pin’ images to Polyvore to build up your virtual closet / wardrobe – and I managed to find the things I owned quite easily on the web. However, a representation would work (but I like dealing with actuals!)

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