Gay Pride Canal Parade

Unpack This Place
It was quite by chance that I found myself on the doorstep on Amsterdam’s Gay Pride Canal Parade yesterday. There was quite a bit of activity on the canal outside my window, and as I took a stroll down to the local organic market I saw folks snagging their canal-side places ready for kick off at 1.30pm.

Prinsengracht was packed; you couldn’t swing a pink feather boa for fear of tickling a naked nipple. The beer was flowing, the music a-pumping, penis helium balloons were blowing and everybody was in good cheer.

It was a beautiful mix of risqué and family fun. In between the topless boys in very short shorts were little ‘uns on their parents shoulders cheering the floats along. Everybody was wearing pink and many buildings were sporting the flag. Even the church.

Unpack This Place
One thing I love about travelling is happening upon these happenings.

This was a truly wonderful day and I had to give thanks for being in the right place at the right time!


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